Rouhani has the task of fixing Iran's economy

Rouhani has the task of fixing Iran's economy
By Ali Kheradpir
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Dr. Kamran Dadkhah is an economist and university lecturer in Boston. Can the new government in Iran control the point to point inflation rate of 42 percent and boost the value of Iran’s currency?

Kamran Dadkhah: Yes, of course, it is not easy but Rouhani has assets that, if utilised and well explained to people; then he can control inflation within an acceptable period of time, within a year or two. This has been done in other countries such as post World War I Germany and in the United States during the 1980s.

Ali Kheradpir, euronews: You mentioned that Rouhani has assets, could you explain further?

Kamran Dadkhah: First of all, the Americans and Europeans are apparently optimistic that they can solve the existing problems through him and if these issues are resolved and the sanctions are lifted; it will be very good for Iran as well as for his government. Secondly, the (Iranian) people are optimistic, too. If he (Rouhani) can use this optimism and encourage work, trade and investment by showing that the country is safe; these two factors will help him very much.

euronews: Rouhani’s economic views lean towards competition. Regarding the involvement of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) in economic affairs, how can the country exit the current situation. Will a technocrat government face a challenge with the IRGC?

Kamran Dadkhah: That will certainly be the case. Not only with the Revolutionary Guards, which is the most important element, but also with others who see their interests at stake. Nevertheless, this is an economic battle and it is not an easy job. Much later, he cannot say “they did not let me do my job” like Ahmadinejad and some others have said. No – there will be resistance but if he has the substance and the programme, he must go ahead and do it; otherwise, nothing will be done.”

euronews: Do you think that the Iranian president has the necessary authorities working towards the lifting of sanctions?

Kamran Dadkhah: Probably not but if he can keep the people behind him and communicate with them about the issue; also if he could communicate with the IRGC and other institutions and tell them that if he loses, everybody will lose; then there will be possibility of a reaching solution. As I said, this is like a battle. If it were an easy job and anybody could do it; then there would have been no need for a presidential election.

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