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Iran invites Snowden to visit and elaborate on US spying programmes

Iran invites Snowden to visit and elaborate on US spying programmes
By Charlotte Cullen
Published on
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Fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden has finally received an asylum offer of sorts, although it may not be the one he was expecting.

Iranian state-affiliated Far News Agency has reported that an Iranian NGO, “Justice-Seekers Without Borders” has contacted Snowden proposing a visit to the country in return for elaboration on the information he leaked about US spying programmes.

The Washington Post quotes the letter: “Since one of the United States’ illegal actions disclosed by you is spying on the Iranian citizens, we invite you to visit Iran and elaborate on the US administration’s measures in this regard in detail.”

In Iran, NGOs are often closely affiliated with the government, prompting some to suggest the offer may have come from a higher power. The country has frequently been the focus of US cyber-espionage such as the code named “Olympic Games” programme that targeted uranium-enrichment facilities.

Iran is not one of the countries that received an application for asylum from Snowden. Although, it would be a more feasible option for him to reach, as the flight path would likely cross Turkmenistan or Azerbaijan and . Earlier this month several European nations refused Bolivia’s President Evo Morales permission to enter their air space amid suspicions that Snowden was on board.

The last few days have left Snowden in a state of flux. Reports that he had been granted temporary asylum in Russia turned out to be false. Currently, the immigration authorities refuse to comment on the case and say the process can take up to three months.

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