Happy birthday Mario!

Happy birthday Mario!
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Mario, Nintendo’s flagship character is celebrating his 32nd birthday. He first appeared in a videogame on July 9 1981, in the original Donkey Kong game, created by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto.

In his debut appearance Mario’s name was “Jumpman”, a carpenter with a pet ape. Jumpman mistreats the ape, causing Donkey Kong to kidnap Jumpman’s girlfriend, originally known as the Lady, but later renamed Pauline. The player’s goal is to take on the role of Jumpman and rescue his girlfriend.

In 1982, the character was renamed “Mario” in the arcade game Donkey Kong Junior, it is the only game in which Mario is portrayed as a villain.

One year later, in 1983, Mario appeared in arcade game Mario Bros with his younger brother Luigi, both are portrayed as Italian-American plumbers. In the video game, Mario and Luigi must defeat creatures emerging from the sewers below New York. Mario and Luigi’s surname was Mario, meaning the elder brother’s name is “Mario Mario”.

In 1985, the videogame Super Mario Bros is released. Mario’s goal in the videogame is to conquer the eight worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom, fight King Koopa and free Princess Toadstool.

In the sequel, named Super Mario Bros. 2, the player can choose between the chararcters: Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Princess Peach. Each character possesses unique abilities. Luigi has stronger jumping abilities, Toad can dig the fastest, and Peach can float, but Mario is the most well-rounded of the crew.

In Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario’s quest is to save the rulers of the seven kingdoms from Bowser and his children, the Koopalings. Mario travels across eight worlds to restore order to the Mushroom World and to rescue Princess Peach. Mario is introduced to new power-ups that augment his abilities.

Mario’s 3D debut is in Super Mario 64. Once again facing Bowser, Mario must free Princess Peach, if he is successful after his numerous trials, she rewards him by baking a cake.

For more information about Mario visit Nintendo’s webpage dedicated to the videogame hero.

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