Prestigious universities

Prestigious universities
By Euronews
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In this edition of Learning World we take a look at higher education – and in particular some of the names that are synonymous with prestige and academic excellence.

First we visit Yale, one of the oldest universities in the United States, and one of the most famous in the world. Twenty US presidents studied there, and graduates are on average among the highest earners.

The plethora of higher education establishments around the world presents a mixed blessing for students. So many to choose from, but which one to choose?

We spoke to Jan Sadlak, the director of IREG, an organisation that gives universities a ranking score. He said students can use rankings to help in their choice of where to study.

And finally, to Paris where the president of the Sorbonne told us that elite universities must continually adapt to a constantly changing public.

We spoke to students in the city’s Latin Quarter where the university, founded in the middle ages, has its base.

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