Teaching the tricks of the trade

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By Euronews
Teaching the tricks of the trade

What makes a good teacher? It is an easy question – but a difficult one to answer.

Teaching methods around the globe vary massively but one thing good teachers seem to have in common is a desire to inspire.

We look at different means available to teachers to spark enthusiasm and draw their pupils into learning.

In the United Kingdom a scheme has been developed to enable teachers to watch videos of each other at work in order to get ideas for their own classrooms.

Teachers TV has filmed in some 5,000 educative centres in the UK, putting best practices on line for others to learn from. It has been so successful the concept is now spreading to other countries from the USA to Thailand.

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Pictures: courtesy of Teachers TV

Former primary school teacher Tim Rylands uses not only the internet but all kinds of digital technology to try to reach pupils, especially those who do not respond well to traditional educational methods.

Rylands – who uses the adventure video game, Myst, to encourage creative writing – believes it is vital teachers keep up to date with the kind of new technology their pupils may be using outside of the classroom.

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Digital technology is not available everywhere. On the Zanzibar archipelago for example, providing internet access in schools would be prohibitively expensive.

Instead they are using educational broadcasts – sometimes relayed on wind-up radios – to help train teachers.

The system has improved learning levels among pre school and primary school children by 10 percent.

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