Frédéric and Edmund walking in the open country and collecting rubbish

Duo walk from Marseille to Paris picking up discarded face masks

A Franco-British duo is walking from Marseille to Paris collecting discarded face masks, plastic bottles and fast food waste. 

Edmund Platt and Frédéric Munsch set off from the southern city on October 1 and should arrive in the French capital on Saturday (November 28).

They will walk as close as possible to the TGV train line and clock up around 880 kilometres. 

"What we’d like people to do and we’d appreciate people to do is just to slow down a little bit and stop throwing as much, and maybe start drinking tap water, using a little bit less plastic and spreading the love," said Platt. 

"Every time you pick up one piece of rubbish, it is as if you give a hug and you get a little stroke of happiness to the planet."