Paul McCartney is the real "Grandude" of book signing

Paul McCartney is the real "Grandude" of book signing

He may be one of the world's most famous musicians, but Paul McCartney is also just a regular grandfather - and that is the experience he draws on for his new children's book "Hey Grandude!".

While the title is a nod to one of The Beatles' best-known songs, "Hey, Jude", it is inspired by a nickname given to McCartney, 77, by one of his eight grandchildren.

"One of them just said to me one day 'Hey grand dude'," the former Beatle told a group of schoolchildren from Jubilee Primary in Brixton at the launch in a London bookstore on Friday.

"I thought 'Oh, he said 'hey grand dude'. And I said 'Wait a minute, you normally call me grandad' and he said 'No I like the sound of gran dude'. So that is what inspired me to write the book."

Publishers Puffin describes the book as a wild and wonderful adventure with a twist of magic inspired by McCartney's own experience of being a grandfather.