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  • Ebola: At least 2 new confirmed cases in Liberia (health authorities)
  • Europe’s future not at stake over Greek debt crisis, says German chancellor Angela Merkel
  • The Kremlin says it is scandalous Finland has refused a visa to the president of the Russian parliament (AFP)
  • British PM Cameron will decide by the end of 2015 where to build new London airport capacity, after commission backed Heathrow over Gatwick.
  • Bulgaria PM denies the country is facing a banking crisis (Reuters)
  • At least 20 soldiers are now confirmed dead after an attack in Eygpt’s Sinai peninsula, which ISIL has claimed responsibility for.
  • ISIL claims responsibility for attacks in Eygpt’s Sinai peninsula, which killed at least 10 soldiers (Reuters)
  • Greek PM Tsipras has written to accept creditors’ bailout offer, but with several conditions, reports the Financial Times.
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World news about “Science” published by euronews.

SCIENCE | 30/06 15:07 CET

Exploring the brain while we chat to better understand how it works

Exploring the brain while we chat to better understand how it works

How does the human brain, a collection of nearly 100 billion densely packed nerve cells, allow us to think, feel, act and perceive the world? Scientists at Yale University’s Brain Function Lab are trying to better understand what happens in our brain during a…