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Is Rwanda really better than Romania?

Denmark remains the least corrupt country in the world (tied with New Zealand) and Somalia (176) the most, and yet Romania (57), which has indicted eighteen ministers, plus two former prime ministers and a former president in the last five years alone, is still behind Namibia (53) and Malaysia (55)


View: Donald Trump’s chaos theory of government

The ideological project that Trump and Bannon will seek to carry out could have far-reaching geopolitical and economic implications that should worry not only progressives, but also dyed-in-the-wool conservatives like me. To understand how far they are willing to go, one must understand their ultima


Romania’s anticorruption implosion: View

The question remains if Romania’s tough repressive strategy against corruption is sustainable against its own Parliament. MPs sometimes allow the prosecution of their colleagues, but they often withhold their permission.


Global populism, Romanian resistence: View

The Romanian protests anticipate thus a type of political engagement that we will likely to see future years in other places, an engagement that does not call for material gains or compensation, but for the recognition of the dignity of citizens and the rollback of measures that infringe on it


Trump seems to have forgotten lessons of 9/11

Trump said that he would “never forget the lessons of 9/11.” But that is exactly what he seems to have done. The 9/11 hijackers came from Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, all countries unaffected by the new rules.


Our synagogue is a home for Syrian refugees

As well as reflecting Biblical teaching, the project has a personal resonance to our community. Jews have very recent past experience of being refugees, as some still are as they are unable to practice their religion openly in their country of birth.


Opinion: Theresa May’s Trump Card

The recent behavior of UK Prime Minister Theresa May's government suggests that it is putting US President Donald Trump's political interests before those of the EU and the rest of the world. But now more than ever, Britain and the EU must defend and promote liberal democratic norms.


Opinion:Theresa May’s Triple Bet

British Prime Minister Theresa May has been frank about her objectives for the upcoming Brexit negotiations, but it is worth asking if her plan is realistic, given the new international context. Can one still dream of being the New Athens when there is a New Rome, lorded over by Donald Trump?