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Belgians eat insects

Belgium is a country known for its cuisine. The Belgians enjoy mussels, fries, and waffles. Now there are more delicacies waiting to take this


Mapping the mosquito

Head to the park for a picnic this summer and you might find you are the one who is on the menu. In Europe, mosquitos are out in full force


It's a bug's eye

Insects have a wide field of view and are acutely sensitive to motion. Their eyes are made up of thousands of light-sensing structures. Each contains


Insects food of the future

Is this the shape of food to come? Most Westerners would be disgusted at the idea of this being a staple food, but for many in the third world bugs


Bugs for breakfast, anyone?

Producing more food to feed a growing population puts more strain on the world’s already limited resources. Raising livestock takes up a massive


A World without bees?

More and more beekeepers all over the world are witnessing a sharp drop in the number of bees they keep.   In the United States, 25 percent of


Bee sting therapy

Most people avoid being stung by bees, but at a clinic in Beijing patients are queuing up to be deliberately stung. Bee-sting therapy dates back