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  • An explosion caused by a gas leak kills at least 15 people and injures more than 100 others in Taiwan

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CINEMA | 03/08 18:09 CET

‘Stalingrad’ 3D IMAX movie all set to go

‘Stalingrad’ 3D IMAX movie all set to go

Russia's first big-budget 3D film in IMAX format has wrapped up shooting in a small village outside St Petersburg. The World War II Battle of Stalingrad famously turned the tide of the war in favour of the allies. The story follows the struggle of Soviet forces defending a…

  • Virtual cinema
    HI-TECH | 09/04 15:13 CET

    Virtual cinema

    Immersive entertainment, the next step in visual wizardry, is gaining momentum in cinema and gaming circles. There are 900 immersion domes…

  • French film festival online, take two
    13/01 14:25 CET

    French film festival online, take two

    If you can’t go to the festival, let the festival come to you. A showcase of new French cinema that is entirely online is back for a second…

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