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Judo Values: the importance of honour

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In this episode of Judo Values three of the sport's stars explain why honour is so important.

"As a dad, it is important that I teach respect, honour and self-control to my son..."I would say that teaching him about honour is important because being proud of the person that we are is crucial."
Axel Clerget
French Judoka

'The gentle way'

Argentine judoka Paula Pareto was Olympic Champion in Rio in 2016, having already won bronze in Beijing in 2008. For her Judo embodies the core value honour.

"Judo has a beautiful philosophy. In competition we can see honour, friendship and companionship.

I was brought up with the values of judo and I apply them to my daily life," she insists.

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Argentine judoka, Paula Pareto© Euronews

She adds: "Our teacher at school taught us that judo means 'the gentle way' and he used to tell us that Jigoro Kano, the creator of judo, would observe the snow falling in winter. The thinner branches would resist the fall of snow, but the thicker ones would break. The thinner branches were flexible and would let the snow fall, whereas the thicker branches would resist and resist and never give in, but eventually would break and fall. It's not about having strength, it's about knowing how to use strength.

"Honour is one of the most important values for me, firstly because you have the privilege to be a Judoka, and to represent a sport."
Soumiya Iraoui
Moroccan Judoka

To watch the full episode, click on the video link above.

To watch the full episode, click on the video link above.