Thousands join London march to oppose Brexit

#PeoplesMarch4EU comes ahead of key Brexit vote in UK parliament next week.

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Thousands join London march to oppose Brexit

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Several thousand people descended on London on Saturday (September 9) to call for Brexit to be reversed.

Protesters marched from Hyde Park down to Westminster, where MPs will vote next week on legislation aimed at bringing EU legislation into British law.

Brexiters have taken to social media to mock the demonstration – dubbing them ‘pathetic remoaners’.

“Europe matters to this country and we have got to keep it,” MP Vince Cable, leader of the Liberal Democrats, told demonstrators in London.

“We continue to demand the public should have a choice, when we know the outcome (of what Brexit will mean), when we know the facts.

“Do we want to rush ahead and jump off a cliff? Or do we want an exit from Brexit? That choice, that option has got to remain.”

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