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Protest and joy greets the Trump era in Europe


Protest and joy greets the Trump era in Europe

The Donald Trump era has been greeted with joy and despair across Europe.

In London a group of protesters, Bridges not Walls, unfurled slogan bearing banners on every major bridge in the capital including Tower Bridge, London Bridge and Waterloo Bridge.

There were more than 150 banner drops on bridges across the UK from feminist groups, environmental activists, civil-rights and anti-racist groups.

In Paris there was a hint of embarassment from one young Parisian:“I think it’s a real pity that after eight years of Obama, somebody like him gets elected president of the United States. I think it gives a really bad image on the international stage.”

Another, older Parisian, is hoping for a similar turnaround in French politics:“Donald Trump symbolises a new perspective which makes me very optimistic even though he may be criticised in many aspects but, you know, I think he’s holding high the flag of the United States and I hope we’re going to get someone with the same stature.”

In Berlin protesters used the remains of the wall that divided the city for decades to send a message to Trump.

Tobias Muenchmeyer is from Greenpeace in Berlin:
“What we need are bridges. We need a closer cooperation between the nations.”