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And Also...Thanksgiving politics and a monkey fight


And Also...Thanksgiving politics and a monkey fight

Food for thought this Thanksgiving, no politics

Staying away from politics might have been the food of choice this Thanksgiving (24 November). Americans from far and wide gathered to eat, drink and give thanks with family members and friends, but for one-third of the country , avoiding the US 2016 Presidential Election results and heated mealtime debates were off the table.

The usual feel-good atmosphere associated with Thanksgiving seemed to have brought more stress and dread with some Americans who weren’t too keen on some political turkey showdown.

Armless man refused loan due to inability to supply fingerprints

Wu Jianping has no arms. When he went to a bank to request a housing loan he was refused on the grounds that he could not be fingerprinted.

The 25 year old lost his arms from a severe electric shock when he was five years old. He writes his signature by holding a pen in his mouth. But the bank says signatures are not legally binding.

Monkey attack ignites days of tribal fighting in Libya

A wave of violence erupted in the Southern Libyan town of Sabha after a pet monkey attacked a schoolgirl. Days of fighting followed between the Awlad Suleiman and Guedadfa clans.

The retaliation and resulting escalating violence led to at least 16 dead and 50 injured.

The journalist who fell in love with a refugee who ended up in prison

She was a journalist working on a programme called 21 Days. She wanted to walk the path of a refugee family. He was a also a journalist, but he was an Iranian refugee fleeing his country. This is the story of how they met and fell in love.

Shashat Women’s Film Festival kicks off in Palestine

The Shashat Women’s Film Festival in Palestine embarks on its 10th edition. The event takes place from November 12 until December 11 in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The festival kicks off with the film “What’s Tomorrow” which poses the question to the whole of society, especially to youth, as expressed through the eyes of young Palestinian women filmmakers – Do you think of tomorrow?

Robber arrives before bank is open

Austrian police arrested a man who they say tried to rob a bank in Vienna – but arrived too early. Passersby reported the man who attempted to hide his gun under newspapers, and paced nervously outside the bank, when he arrived 15 minutes before opening time. Police say the man intended to flee the scene of the crime on a stolen scooter.


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Mass grave discovery raises hopes for families of Mexico's 43 missing students


Mass grave discovery raises hopes for families of Mexico's 43 missing students