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Enzo Maiorca 'lord of the deep blue' dies at 85


Enzo Maiorca 'lord of the deep blue' dies at 85

Legendary Italian free diver Enzo Maiorca has died at the age of 85 in his hometown of Syracuse, Sicily.

He held many diving records and his rivalry with fellow free diver Jacques Mayol inspired the 1988 film ‘Le Grand Bleu’ directed by Luc Besson

Maiorca took exception to way he was portrayed in the film by French actor Jean Reno and he fought to have the film banned in Italy.

Though he liked the movie he was angered by the artistic licence taken with his character and was offended by the uneducated Mafioso label.

Following the death of Mayol and his retirement from competitive diving Maiorca relented and the film was released in Italy in 2002.

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