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Europeans in the United States prepare to vote for the next president - a souflé or a zabaglione?

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Europeans in the United States prepare to vote for the next president - a souflé or a zabaglione?

New York is a melting pot of voters set to cast their ballot for the next incumbent of the White House. Many originate from Europe and have been weighing up the claims of the candidates.

One such voter who is from Catalonia believes that racism has raised its head in the run up to the election. He is jazz pianist, composer and music teacher Albert Marques who arrived in the Big Apple five years ago.

He lives in South Brooklyn with is American wife and their two children.

“These elections in the United States have allowed racist people to be openly racist,” he opined and added: “For example two months ago while I was talking to my brother on the phone and speaking in Catalan. I was with my one week old son and my wife.

‘A white couple who would have been between 60 and 70 years old said to me, “Can you speak quieter” and I asked them why. They told me I was a guest in the United States and asked me why I wouldn’t leave.”

How do those Europeans who have made the city their home view the chances of the voters electing the first woman president? Could such an outcome be a message for the rest of the world?

It was seven years ago that Russian Olga Filippova arrived in New York because, she says of the lack of opportunities for women in her own country. The artist is already making plans for a Hillary Clinton victory,

“If she becomes president I will probably, most likely open my own business. That’s why it is so important, that’s why I am excited that Hillary is going to be president. Not just because she is a woman, but this it something important for me, when I am going to speak with my Russian friends I will say to them “Hey, we have a woman president.” It’s something because for them to have a woman as president is like a fairytale.

‘Donald Trump kind of represents something we all are running away from. We are running away from arrogance, discrimination, racism, sexism and homophobia,” she claimed.

The last of the Europeans whom euronews talked to hails from Italy and has been living in New York for sixteen years. Alberto Mezzoli is a pastry chef and is not enamoured with either of the candidates who are aiming for the White House. He compares them to certain pastries with their individual taste.

“I would make Hillary as a nice vanilla soufflé, so bloated that when it comes out of the oven it would collapse. And Trump with all his experiences, energies and adventures with women he would be a nice zabaglione that’s a light custard whipped to incorporate plenty of air with a muscat grape and one little vanilla ice cream ball,” he explained.

“These elections are the worst elections that the United States have gone through, everybody hopes the end will come as soon as possible and someone will be chosen. We will see what is going to happen,” he concluded.

Those Europeans living in America do not have to wait much longer to wait to see how the result will impact on their hopes, dreams and lives in the United States.


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