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LeAnn Rimes releases 'Remnants'


LeAnn Rimes releases 'Remnants'

US Country music singer LeAnn Rimes is back with her forthcoming album ‘Remnants’ which she describes as more spontaneous and organic than her last album ‘Spitfire’.

Rimes is known for hits “How Do I Live” and “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” but her latest album both takes her back to her roots and into ‘the next phase of her career’.

The Grammy Award winner, who rose to fame aged 13, talked about the inspiration behind Remnants.

Delving into the Delta for Inspiration

“It’s really soul-based”, the singer said of her new album. “ I grew up in Mississippi until I was like three or four and I didn’t realise how much that musical influence had on me from the deep gospel roots, rock and soul and so it’s kind of mix of all of that.”

The single from ‘Remnants’ is a cover of “The Story”, which was originally recorded by Brandi Carlile.

Country breaks into the UK

Rimes is excited about the fact that country music is finally starting to make waves in the UK where the album will be released first. The important thing she says, is to tell good stories and experiment.

“I love music. I grew up listening to everything so I think it’s just about my voice being able to convey a story, authentically and honestly, and if I can do that rapping that would be fantastic.

“You know with music I never say never, never honestly because… I love to experiment you know and I like to keep it fun. And this album I didn’t really know, I didn’t set out to write a specific style of music it was just about creating a real story.”

‘Remnants’ will be released in October and will be Rimes’ first album release on her new label RCA UK. She’s due to go on tour in the autumn.

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