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Georgia arrests 6 suspected of trying to sell uranium


Georgia arrests 6 suspected of trying to sell uranium

The Georgian security service has detained six locals and Armenians it says were trying to sell some two hundred million dollars worth of uranium-238.

“Officers of Georgia’s State Security Service detained three citizens of Armenia and three citizens of Georgia,” investigator Savle Motiashvili told the press.

“The members of the group were planning to sell the nuclear material, uranium-238, for 200 million dollars when they were detained,” he added.

Motiashvili didn’t say how or where the group acquired the chemical isotope or whether they had found a buyer. He told a news briefing that a prefabricated container intended for transporting the material had been found at the apartment of one of the detainees.

“The seized substance is dangerous for life and health,” he said.

The six have been sentenced to pre-trial detention and face up to ten years behind bars if found guilty.


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