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Send us your holiday memories

Send us your holiday memories


Holidays aren’t what they used to be. The rise of internet travel has opened up new destinations and changed the way people choose their holidays. In the old days, without the benefit of TripAdviser there were two options – go to the same place each year or take a complete gamble on somewhere new. In addition, without GPS or mobile communication, holidays were more of an adventure – getting lost, or arriving somewhere that was closed were part of the fun.

So we’d like to celebrate old fashioned holidays by collecting together your memories of the trips you used to take.

Have you ever put up a tent in a gale force wind or hiked for 15 miles only to discover that you’d been heading in the wrong direction? What was your favourite ice-cream flavour your parents bought for you by the sea? What’s the strangest fridge magnet you ever brought back? Or received as a gift from someone who’d been on holidays?

If so, share your thoughts, memories and pictures.

Just send us an email to telling us about your experiences and if you like attach a photograph and we will publish them here.

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