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Nepal: 'equally big earthquakes coming in eastern regions,' expert tells euronews


Nepal: 'equally big earthquakes coming in eastern regions,' expert tells euronews

Following the April 25th earthquake in Nepal, the fault line moved 150km to the east.

Initial assessments suggest that today’s quake (Tuesday, May 12th) centred on the eastern edge of the new location.

A week prior to today’s earthquake (Tuesday), geological expert Professor Efthimios Lekkas had predicted another imminent, big seismic event.

Lekkas explained his prediction to euronews’ Foteini Doulgkeri.

“I based my prediction on the fact some parts of the plate had remained intact. With today’s earthquake, one more segment broke. This caused another big earthquake, which wasn’t an aftershock from the April 25th quake, but an entirely new seismic event,” he said.

“Today, further parts were ruptured, just like last week. When this happens, the energy inside the earth is transferred to neighbouring ruptures. The knock-on effect is that they too are likely to fracture in the future, as a result of other earthquakes.

“We will have another quake in the eastern regions, in the direction of Bangladesh, caused by the same type of ruptures. This means there will be equally big earthquakes, but we cannot say exactly when this will happen.”

Professor Lekkas added that the chain of events will not affect Europe.

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