Woman miscarries after boyfriend secretly gives her abortion pills

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Woman miscarries after boyfriend secretly gives her abortion pills

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Prosecutors are seeking the strongest possible sentence for a Norwegian man who fed his ex-girlfriend abortion pills in a smoothie.

The 26-year-old pleaded guilty to serious bodily harm and terminating a pregnancy without the mother’s consent.

“I had a bad conscience and felt remorse but thought it was the only way out,” he told the court, according to Norway’s state broadcaster NRK.

This was his second attempt at inducing a miscarriage. The first involved giving her abortion pills that he bought online while trying to pass them off as painkillers.

But his 20-year-old partner was wary of taking medication after having her first scan and seeing the developing foetus.

He purchased a second batch which he ground into a smoothie and fed to her. Within hours she was in pain and miscarried later in the evening.

The man, who already has a child from another relationship, was unhappy to hear he had another on the way after a one-night stand.

Tests later revealed that the miscarriage was caused by a high dose of abortion medication.

“I felt like a total shitbag when it dawned on me what I had done,” he told the court.

Prosecutor Kaja Strandfjord wants a seven-year sentence for the offence. “He imported these substances. All of it was precisely and cynically planned,” she reportedly told Norway’s Adresseavisen.​