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[Watch] Intense flooding turns scenic Iguazu Falls into water inferno


Murky brown flood water charged over Iguazu Falls, a tourist spot shared by Brazil and Argetina, on Monday (June 9). Heavy rainfall caused the Parana, the river feeding into the fall to overflow.

Walkways and viewpoints at the UNESCO National Heritage site were almost completley submerged under water, prompting authorities to close the normally bustling tourist hotspot.

Not only did the flooding leave potential visitors to the falls in the lurch, but it also took a casino riverboat for a spin.

The 90 metre (295 feet) boat, which is in the process of being converted into a floating casino, was set adrift on the Iguazu and Parana rivers before being rescued by the coastguard.

Torrential rains pummeled the region over the weekend, causing the water surge.

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