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  • US President Barack Obama has accepted the resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel according to Pentagon sources.
  • US Defense Secretary Hagel is stepping down, the New York Times reports, citing senior Obama administration officials (Reuters)
  • Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says Vienna talks on Iran’s nuclear programme made “considerable progress” but not arrived at final agreement (Reuters)
  • British Foreign Secretary Hammond says Iran nuclear talks with six powers extended through end of June (Reuters)
  • Britain faces biggest threat to its security from terrorist at any time before or since September 11 2001 attacks on United States, according to Home Secretary Theresa May (Reuters)
A sporting chance in the classroom
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Olympic heroes lead the way in school

Is taking part in school sport just a matter of keeping fit, or are there more unexpected benefits? And what of those pupils who want to make a career out of sport do they also need a good education?

Olympic champions Carl Lewis and Ian Thorpe conquered the world in their chosen sports, swimming and athletics.

The two sporting heroes advocate sport on the school curriculum and recall their days in the classroom.

Beating the bullies through sport

Sports lessons can tackle the problems of bullying and bad behaviour in school helping young people channel aggression and anger into healthy competition. A project in the USA is leading the way and shows why which shows why playing games matters in school matters.

Sowing the seeds of excellence in Senegal

Basketball is the key for a better future. That’s the belief behind the Seeds Academy, based 70km from Dakar, the capital of Senegal. It is where teenagers come to practice their favourite sport, and prepare for what might be their future career. Sacrifice, rigour and discipline are the key values at this academy.

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