An animated history

Poland fans have Krakow’s resident football ‘oracle’, Citta the elephant for predictions on how their team will fare at Euro 2012. Ukraine


A new perspective on Africa

It is time to look at Africa with fresh eyes. There is a spirit of optimism on this continent of over a billion people. The World Bank says


France: dangerous liaisons?

France’s second round of voting for who enters parliament promises to be a tighter race than perhaps ever before, between the socialists (PS)


Hong Kong Exchanges buys LME

Hong Kong Exchanges has made its first overseas takeover, buying the London Metal Exchange, the world’s largest metals marketplace, for 1.7 billion


Spain v Ireland: How it happened

So Spain’s 4-0 win ends Ireland’s chances of going through to the next round. The Irish side had gone into the tournament on a 14-match unbeaten run


Spain: debt level rises

New figures show an increase in Spain’s total debt which is adding pressure to the troubled economy. Debt was 72.1 percent of GDP for the first

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Tokyo Toy Show record

Tokyo’s annual Toy Show kicked off with 10,000 wooden ‘Stick bombs’ displaced like dominoes, surpassing the previous world record three times over.

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Sweet side of Euro 2012

It smells of oranges, raspberries, warm sugar and there is candy everywhere. But not only is this shop in Gdansk, Poland, a heaven for children, it