Spiritual unity

On the final two day of May thousands of people travelled to the city of Astana. The capital of Kazakhstan became the focus for many in the religious


Traveller's Diary: Astana

Kazakhstan plays tricks on you. The first sleight of hand is the approach from the air to the capital’s airport in Astana. Peering through the


Euro 2012: Final Preparations

Euro 2004 finalists Portugal trained in Lisbon for the last time on Monday before heading off to Poland and Ukraine for this summer’s European


Nintendo launches Miiverse

Get ready for Miiverse. This is Nintendo’s new social and content network being readied for the new Wii U games console. Nintendo lags behind


Being a film producer

Generation Y followed Vladimer and Judit, two young film producers trying to get their movies made. Vladimir comes from Georgia and Judit from


Moscow by metro

In the penultimate episode of Russian life, euronews explores the capital Moscow. We began with the city’s famous underground. Carrying over 7


Traveller's Diary: Moscow

Denis Loktev, Moscow The final destination in our two-month long televised journey across Russia, Moscow remains the city all Russian roads lead