Studying elsewhere in Europe

In this edition of U-talk, Csilla from Hungary asked: “This summer my niece will graduate from secondary school and she’s hoping to go to


Bankia's woes

Bankia continued its descent into hell on Thursday in Madrid, despite partial nationalisation. The share price of Spain’s fourth biggest bank was


Obama's symbolic gay support

Gay marriage is a big subject to raise in the six months before the American people vote on who will lead the country. Barack Obama is the first


Greece's anti-immigrant fence

Over 80 percent of all refugees and migrants into the European Union cross at the Turkish-Greek border. While Greece finds it difficult to cope with


Hamas leader on Syria and the EU

The European Union’s policy towards Gaza and the Palestinian Authority’s attitude to the conflict in Syria are just two of the topics raised in an


Scientist study the ocean

Global warming is having a serious impact on the earth’s water cycle. The water cycle is the continuous movement of water on, above and below the