The danger of the 'Lone Wolf'

“How is it possible that an extremist, known to the security services, can be out there without being arrested? Our Paris correspondent Giovanni


Finding Toulouse killer

Mohamed Merah locked himself into his apartment in a small block in the Izards neighbourhood of Toulouse, where the police tracked him down and


France, land of asylum?

France last year granted citizenship to 66,000 immigrants, although the figure is steadily being reduced; the government’s immigration policy is


Funding Education

Governments are constantly searching for cost-effective education policies, while the private sector and industry offer their own funding solutions


Toulouse: End of the nightmare

The gunman suspected of killing seven people in southwest France in the last two weeks is dead.   Police say Mohamed Merah, 23, was killed by a

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Doll festival in Japan

Children dressed in traditional costumes boarded a fleet of small boats for a parade through the waterways of Fukuoka Prefecture, western Japan. The


Mali troops stage coup

Soldiers in Mali have attacked the country’s presidential palace hours after staging a mutiny. In what started out as a protest over the