Super Tuesday time to connect

The United States contest to see who the opposition Republican party selects as its candidate to replace the incumbent, Barack Obama, has never left

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Kilauea Volcano spews lava

Molten lava from the Kilauea Volcano destroyed the last home in Royal Gardens, a small community on the southeastern side of the Big Island of Hawaii.


The lack of women at the top

Gender equality is now a major goal in most European countries. And there is no doubt there is more public awareness and signs of progress. But


Greek debt swap deadline looms

With the deadline for Greece’s vital bond restructuring on Thursday, Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos has warned Athens’ private creditors


Fighting and diplomacy in Syria

Fighting in Syria continues with reports of government forces having flooding into the city of Deraa on Monday after overnight clashes. Residents


Reporter's afterthought

Could gender quotas hit London’s financial hub? When putting together this report it was virtually mission impossible to track down companies to