Large crowds attend festival for the three-day Hard Rock & Metal festival Alcatraz in Kortrijk (Courtrai).

Large crowds attend festival thanks to COVID-19 safe tickets

Anyone in Belgium that has a COVID Safe Ticket is able to attend large scale outdoor events with between 1 500 and 75 000 spectators. This could be a football game, an open-air performance or a music festival.

The Corona Safe Ticket (CST) is the Belgian authorities’ adaptation of the European Corona Certificate. Those that have a CST will be able to attend events without the need for social distancing, face coverings, bubbles and other restrictions.

Like in Kortrijk (Courtrai) for example. August 13th is the first day of the three-day Hard Rock & Metal festival Alcatraz in Kortrijk (Courtrai). They are expecting 12 000 people a day, and they all have to be checked before they are allowed to enter the festival grounds. The festival goers arrive early in the morning at the expo in Kortrijk. Here, they first have to go through a whole procedure before being taken to the festival site: everyone's covid safe ticket is being checked; those who are OK get a blue wristband.

There are only a few people whose COVID safe ticket is not in order, and they get tested rightaway. Those who pass the check can take off their masks and from the expo in Kortrijk, the metal fans are then brought to the festival site and the campsite by bus.