Activists protest Hungary's discriminatory LGBT law

Activists in Hungary erected a large rainbow-colored heart in front of the country's ornate neo-Gothic Parliament building on Thursday, vowing civil disobedience to a recently passed law they say discriminates against and marginalizes LGBT people.

The rainbow colors, now in the form of the 10-meter (30 foot) heart opposite the 117-year-old parliament, have in recent weeks become a symbol of resistance to the policies of Hungary's government under right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

A law passed in June - which prohibits the display of content depicting homosexuality or gender reassignment to minors - ignited intense opposition in Hungary and became a common cause among many European Union lawmakers for reining in Orban's government.

At the Thursday demonstration, rights groups said the law strips thousands of LGBT young people from crucial information and support, and violates Hungarian and international human rights standards.