LGBTQ campaigners demand equality in Japan

LGBTQ campaigners demand equality in Japan

Rights activists have accused ruling lawmakers in Japan of violating the Olympic spirit with homophobic remarks that included saying same-sex relationships "resist the preservation of the species".

The comments, made during discussions on a new anti-discrimination bill, have sparked a backlash as Japan prepares to host the virus-postponed Games in two months' time.

Broadcaster TBS and other Japanese media also quoted an unnamed lawmaker as saying that LGBTQ sexualities "can't be accepted in a moral way".

Pride House Tokyo, a community hub officially recognised as part of the Olympic programme, criticised the remarks in a joint statement Saturday with US-based campaign group Athlete Ally.

The Olympic charter states that "every individual must have the possibility of practising sport, without discrimination of any kind".

Tokyo 2020 organising committee chief Seiko Hashimoto -- appointed in February after her predecessor was forced to resign over sexist comments -- has pushed for greater gender equality at the Games.