A river runs through it: 3D art adds some cheer amid virus gloom in Indonesia

A 300-metre long 3D artwork adds beauty to a neighbourhood in Jakarta.

A 300-metre long 3D artwork adds beauty and serenity to a neighbourhood in Jakarta. The artists from the independent 'Komunitas Perupa Jakarta' were keen to liven the mood during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The group has around 60 painters, most of whom are freelancers. They have painted murals in the past to highlight certain environmental and political topics. This is their first large scale 3D painting.

"It's lively now, many people come, kids playing, before, this area was quiet, only cars passing," says one resident.

Some 16 artists painted the street during a three-day event organised by the Basoeki Abdullah museum, which is also located in the street.

The event was also held as part of celebrations for Indonesia’s Independence day which was on 17 August.

Around 20 gallons of special paint was used, according to a museum official.

The street is located in the middle of a common residential area in South Jakarta and has been getting visitors keen on seeing the artwork.