Catholics attend first mass in Rio since virus lockdown

Catholics attend first mass in Rio since virus lockdown

Members of the Catholic church in Rio de Janeiro celebrated its first mass on Saturday since a Covid-19 outbreak hit Brazil almost 100 days ago.

Taking preventive measures, the church filled only 30 per cent of the building's capacity.

People waited in line and kept their distance outside the Cathedral, where laypersons distributed alcohol gel and monitored the temperature of the worshippers arriving to attend the mass.

A sensor was installed in the door to count the exact number of people entering the building.

Inside, the seats had a sign showing the place and distance that people have to observe, while the communion wafer was delivered by the priest in the hands of the worshippers instead of their mouths.

Even with all the restrictions, the devoted welcomed the chance to attend a mass after almost 3 months praying and listening to the ceremonies from home, through social media.