Reigning champions win British Speedgolf Pairs Championships

Reigning champions win British Speedgolf Pairs Championships

Last year's winners defended their title in the annual speedgolf pairs championship in East Sussex on Saturday.

Heavy rain in the previous 24 hours and blustery winds created challenging conditions on the course.

In speedgolf, players take alternating turns on a single golf ball.

Play is much faster than traditional golf, and teamwork is essential.

Each pair was set off at six-minute intervals with the aim of bringing home the lowest score, which is a combination of the time taken to complete the course and the number of golf strokes.

George Boxall and Tom Roberts defended their title by finishing their 18-hole round in just 49 minutes and 28 seconds.

Last year they completed their 18 holes in just over 41 minutes.

Many players like Speedgolf because it eliminates time-consuming practice swings and other rituals, helping those who might over think their game.