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Fancy a road trip? Here are the companies who'll plan it all for you

Let these travel curators lead the way in planning your perfect trip
Let these travel curators lead the way in planning your perfect trip Copyright Canva
Copyright Canva
By Shannon McDonagh
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Everyone loves a road trip, but not everyone loves planning, Why not have it all done for you by one of these companies?


When done right, a cross-country road trip can be an unmissable holiday experience.

It’s not without its stresses, though.

Route planning, finding exciting things to do, and sourcing the right places to stay are all huge considerations.

Luckily, more and more travel companies are offering tailored plans that meet the needs of those that want to get from A to B with plenty of experiences along the way.

It doesn’t have to break the bank either - we’ve found everything from apps to bespoke services you can’t find anywhere else. Even the most luxury-oriented services offer free guidance for people that don’t know where to start.

Here are some of our favourite road trip planners:


Mexico: one of Jubel's surprise roadtrip plans could take you thereCanva

According to Jubel’s research, it takes a person more than 23 hours and 140 website visits to research and book a week-long, multi-destination experience.

If that sounds like the painful reality of booking your last road trip, they might be the people to offer a solution with their “matchmaking” format that covers several continents.

Inputting broader preferences allows travellers to get matched with an expert that can refine and design road trips down to every minute detail, avoiding a whole lot of headaches in the process.

Jubel were also pioneers of the increasingly popular “surprise holiday” model that continues to grow in waves of uncertain post-pandemic travel.

Those that really can’t decide on a road trip route have previously ended up in the likes of Mexico, Guatemala, and Morocco.

Black Tomato

California, US: A trip here could take you across the coast of Big SurCanva

Luxury travel innovators Black Tomato have just announced the creation of five one-of-a-kind road trip itineraries throughout the US.

The Remarkable Drives of Discovery packages, in partnership with Auberge Resorts Collection, showcase unexpected corners of the US, along with some old-school favourites such as the California coastline’s drive through Big Sur.

Each plan has its own unique perks depending on the state you visit. Taking on the trio of Connecticut, Maryland, and Virginia includes oystering, guided hikes with gourmet picnics, and private stargazing sessions.

You will also be able to dive headfirst into these trips in a Mercedes-Benz - the classic car company offers complementary test drives to all new customers.

All Roads North

Arizona, US: Antelope canyon is a popular pit-stop when driving through the rocky desertCanva

Another great choice for fans of the States. All Roads North offers a free advisory service to curious souls that don’t wish to get bogged down in too many details when planning their perfect American road trip.

These tailor made, seamlessly organised journeys cover America’s length and breadth, from the red rock canyons of Arizona to traversing the wonders of the San Francisco bay.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the conventional or the unexpected - they’ll have a plan and bring it to life.



Portugal: Views of one of the Algarve's many marinasCanva

This startup takes a real curation-led approach to trips across Europe. Their verified team of travel experts tell you everything you need to know up front through 700 exclusive road trip plans.

Each plan details the duration, length, number of hotel stays, and are directly downloadable to your phone. What’s more, Road.Travel offers a spending optimiser for people who need to be careful with their finances, no matter what the budget is.

This is definitely one for people who might know what they want, but aren’t sure how to execute it.

Some standouts include an exploration from North to South Portugal, kicking off in Porto and concluding in the Algarve, and a trekking tour of Sicily’s nature reserves that can be completed in just one weekend.


Wanderlog's app makes it easy for big groups to coordinate their road tripsCanva

Wanderlog’s app makes use of the swathes of travel websites offering thousands of recommendations by condensing the best ones into fully fledged travel plans.


Its collaborative tools and synced up trip notes across multiple devices make it great for large families and groups of friends looking to embark on their first holiday on wheels. Everybody can quite literally be on the same page when it comes to knowing what you’re doing that day and where you’re going to stay.

It doesn’t have to be strictly rigid, either. Wanderlog offers a tool that makes spontaneous pit-stop recommendations full of under-explored secret gems, places to eat and drink, and stunning views.

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