Community immersion tourism: Staying with a Bedouin family in Oman

A Bedouin male walking in the desert
A Bedouin male walking in the desert Copyright Via Canva Pro
Copyright Via Canva Pro
By Jordan Joice
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As part of our Conscious Travel series, we look at influencer Eva Zu Beck’s recent experience in Wahiba Sands.


As part of our Conscious Travel series, Globe Trender editor Jenny Southan says community immersion is the future of responsible tourism.

Tourists are starting to ditch more clinical all-inclusive deals, in favour of more unique and life-enriching experiences. Instead of ending a holiday a few stone heavier after tucking into an all-you-can-eat for a week, travellers are looking for more meaningful and authentic trips.

We look at what one of these holidays might look like.

Eva Zu Beck, one of our favourite travel vloggers and regular Euronews Travel contributor, managed to visit a traditional Bedouin family in Oman (pre-coronavirus). She stayed with them in a compound nestled in beautiful Wahiba Sands.

The Bedouin are a population of Arab-speaking nomadic peoples, based across the desert regions of North Africa, Arabian Peninsula and Upper Mesopotami. The English word ‘bedouin’ comes from the Arabic term “badawī”, which translates as "desert dweller”.

Eva stayed with the family for a few days, living without power or home comforts, learning how the family she visited manage to live in this way.

To see how she found the experience, watch her video below.

Although Eva organised this trip through local contacts, travel agencies such as Responsible Travel are now offering similar experiences to stay with Bedouin families and other alternative holidays around the world.

It might not be as comfortable as a five-star hotel, but it sure looks like it would be a lot more interesting.

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