A room with a view: This website lets you see the world through other people’s windows

Window Swap lets you live vicariously through other people's windows
Window Swap lets you live vicariously through other people's windows   -   Copyright  Sebastian Staines / Unsplash
By Sarah Palmer

If lockdown has left you bored of the view from your window, there’s now a website dedicated to giving you a new perspective.

WindowSwap is a quarantine project curated by wife and husband duo Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam.

Designed to help people cope with spending so much of ‘the COVID year’ indoors, the initiative has brought a lot of peace and procrastination to locked down locations around the world.

The idea stemmed from the couple swapping snaps of their view with friends during lockdown. This quickly snowballed, and they decided to move things online so anyone could join, officially launching last summer.

If you want to contribute your own window, you still can. Users just need to send a short video, 2 - 10 minutes long, from their window or balcony to an email address listed on the website. Ranjit and Balasubramaniam review all footage and don’t discriminate: what might look like a simple view for one person could be another’s idea of heaven.

The sentiment of WindowSwap is as panoramic as the landscapes it features.

Strangers are taking the time to upload footage from their home, in the hope it can bring someone, somewhere a little escapism. It’s tribute to how 2020 has - in some ways - brought us closer together.

The project is an escape that’s more than just geographical too. Users have spoken about the psychology of guessing details about the owners of the windows, based on the small clues in their home.

Take 10 to visit the site and see for yourself.