Baking in a ‘sub zero’ oven with Dubai Chef Gregoire Berger

By Evan Bourke

With three Michelin stars under his belt (or should that be under his toque?), it is no surprise that Gregoire Berger is one of Dubai’s most innovative chefs.

The latest culinary creation to grace the tables of his restaurant Ossiano, is a ‘Lemon Pie’. Served at -196 Celsius, he uses what he calls a sub-zero oven, ‘fuelled’ with nitrogen to ‘bake’ the dish, before decorating it with flowers and serving to his customers. The result is a smooth sphere of ice-cream with a hard exterior, whilst the inside remains soft.

His aim was to recreate the childhood memories he had when eating a typical Lemon Pie. Chef Berger said, "there is a line of creativity from where everything was to where we have brought it today".

No stranger to molecular gastronomy, Berger is constantly re-imagining traditional dishes and applying science to the art of food. The Frenchman, recently named one of the world’s Top 100 Chefs at the Best Chef Awards, said ‘it is not the cooking itself which pleases me, it's creating new things that please our guests'.

It is not only the innovative food that makes the dining experience at Berger’s restaurant at The Atlantis The Palm Dubai unique – it is the setting too. The restaurant walls are actually windows into one of the region’s largest aquariums, home to more than 65,000 marine animals including sharks and stingrays.