Meet Wandering Kamya: Digital nomad, spiritualist and truth seeker

Kamya Buch
Kamya Buch Copyright Kamya Buch
By Sarah Palmer
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In this week's episode of Women Beyond Borders, we meet Kamya Buch. For Kamya, travel is just as much an inward journey as an outer one.


Welcome to Euronews Travel’s first video series, Women Beyond Borders, with which we are bringing you first-person stories from women around the world who are living brave, adventurous lives, and conquering their own personal challenges on the road. These women live for travel and adventure. While some are crossing the world in pursuit of the most unique experiences, or pursuing a lifestyle that many would dream of, others are breaking the mould of traditionally male-dominated industries. We want our series to inspire you to believe in the power of your own dreams.

This week’s Women Beyond Borders episode is about how pursuing the unknown can help us to know ourselves better.

That’s what travel is to Kamya Buch, a self-professed truth seeker, who uses her platform to help people find their spiritual journey - as well as to inspire their physical one. For Kamya, travel is not just an outward journey, but inward too.

After a battle with her mental health during her teenage years, Buch realised that the transformative nature of travel could help her find the solutions she was lacking.

Buch is a huge advocate for solo travel especially, so makes her followers aware of its life changing possibilities. In her interview, she talks about how women should feel empowered to travel alone and embrace the fear that many have been conditioned into feeling.

More widely, she also uses her platform to bring attention to major political issues, including challenging topics like child trafficking, rape and white supremacy.

What keeps her going?

“The spiritual aspect of self-discovery,” says Buch, “the most awakening moments happen, not during the perfect Instagram sunrise, but when you’re completely lost and alone. It frees you to be yourself in a way you don’t usually experience.”

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