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How one artist is using robots to entertain art lovers during lockdown

Is virtual reality the future of art?
Is virtual reality the future of art?   -   Copyright  Unsplash
By Jordan Joice  & Sarah Palmer

If life imitates art, this latest venture into virtual culture experiences really does imitate… well, both.

Artist Philip Colbert, creator of the digital Lobsteropolis Exhibition, is inviting art fans to engage with his new project, hosted at the Saatchi Gallery, London.

The pop artist is widely recognised for his interrogation of modern life - specifically, our contemporary culture versus its roots in a deeper historical dialogue.

The Lobsteropolis Exhibition is Colbert’s response to the global pandemic. Behind the robotic front lies the slightly alarming, speculative prospect of a locked down future, where we rely on robot ‘selves’ to explore the physical world while we remain indoors.

Despite this dystopian vision, we remain hopeful it won’t quite come to that. However, it does tempt a discourse around the future of travel experiences like we’ve never seen before.

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