What are Europe’s top 10 eco-friendly tourist attractions?

Three of the top eco-friendly tourist attractions.
Three of the top eco-friendly tourist attractions. Copyright Unsplash
By Euronews Travel
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Attractions across Europe were ranked for their sustainability credentials.


Some of the most visited tourist attractions in Europe have been analysed to find out which are the best performing when it comes to eco-friendly tourism. 

Tourism can have a substantial impact on our planet. Everything from the exploitation of natural resources to increases in pollution and the waste we create when we travel can affect the environment. By 2030, worldwide CO2 emissions from tourism could rise by 25%.

With this in mind, travellers are becoming increasingly conscious of the footprint their visit might incur, and how they can minimise their impact on the planet. 

To try and work out which of the world’s most popular tourist attractions is the most eco-friendly, the energy team at USwitch took a look at 27 places around the world. They analysed their sustainability credentials using six different categories: water reduction, low emissions, recycling schemes, re-wilding efforts and sustainable transportation.

The attractions were scored out of ten for each of the six categories, and a total score out of 60 was given. In Europe, The Natural History Museum in London, which sees 5 million visitors every year, scored top marks. In 2019, the museum announced that it had cut its total greenhouse gas emissions by five per cent.

The Natural History Museum in London is the most eco-friendly tourist attractionUnsplash

Cafes and restaurants throughout the popular tourist attraction have also implemented recycling schemes to help reduce waste, while taps and toilets have been fitted with water-saving measures.

Here are how some of Europe's other top 10 eco-friendly tourist attractions scored:

1. Natural History Museum, UK

Score: 44/60

2. Eiffel Tower, France

Score: 42.5/60

3. Disneyland Paris, France

Score: 42/60

4. Efteling Theme Park, The Netherlands

Score: 39/60

5. The Vatican, Vatican City

Score: 37/60

6. Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

Score: 36.5/60

7. Alton Towers, UK

Score: 35.5/60


Score: 32/60

9. National Gallery, UK

Score: 31.5/60

10. Tower of London, UK

Score: 26.5/60

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