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7 smart luggage ideas for your next trip

7 smart luggage ideas for your next trip
By Euronews
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Technology is to become your best travel companion.


On holiday, you are often advised to disconnect from technology. But what if technology were to become your best travel companion? The latest smart luggages come with luxurious design and a “brain” that will help you all the way when traveling.

Delsey pluggage – High tech luggage

Delsey pluggage is a smart suitcase developed by the French manufacturer, one of the leading companies producing luggage. It has a fingerprint opening system, a battery charger that allows you to charge your phone and a digital scale to see how much it weighs. Through a dedicated mobile application, you will be alerted when the suitcase is on the airport luggage carousel.

DELSEY (@delseyofficial) által megosztott bejegyzés, 2017. Júl 25., 07:58 PDT

Modobag – Pack and ride

This is a smart motorized and rideable luggage. The suitcase transforms itself in a small scooter and gets you to your destination three times faster than walking.

Modobag (@modobag) által megosztott bejegyzés, 2016. Aug 11., 09:41 PDT

In case you were wondering, riding around on a suitcase feels like this:


Trunkster – No zipper attached

Trunkster is a revolutionary zipperless luggage, with a roll-top design. Moreover, it is equipped with a USB charger, a tracking system and a digital scale.

Shelfpack – Pack it like a pro

This suitcase doesn’t have a complicated “brain”, but its innovation consists in the integrated shelves. In fact, it is like a small closet. The system allows you to travel with your clothes nice and tidy.

ShelfPack (@theshelfpack) által megosztott bejegyzés, 2016. Dec 7., 19:42 PST

Rimowa – The easy check in

The German company developed a system integrated into suitcases with a luxurious design that can be checked in from the comfort of your home with airlines partners. At the time of the market launch, Rimowa Electronic Tag was used with Lufthansa, but they plan to expand the number of airlines that use this system.

RIMOWA (@rimowa) által megosztott bejegyzés, 2017. Júl 3., 03:28 PDT

Tile Mate – Never get lost

Tile Mate is actually a system, a device with an application connected to your phone that helps you find your lost luggage. It is perfect for check-in luggage, as it can usually connect to your phone through the floor of the plane. This can help determine if your luggage made your connecting flight. A good feature is that if you don’t locate your baggage, the Tile community can also identify it for you.

Tile (@tile) által megosztott bejegyzés, 2017. Júl 7., 14:27 PDT

Aster – Cycle smart with your backpack

Aster is a backpack which makes cycling safer, thanks to its integrated bike lights, turn signals and automatic brake indication.

Aster also has an application called Lumos Aster with an anti-theft protection, among other characteristics.

When you have a high-impact crash, the Aster system will also trigger a buzzer on your phone, asking you, “are you OK?” If you cannot respond within a configurable time, the application will message your coordinates to your emergency contact.

By Lorelei Mihala

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