Euronews announces the launch of Euronews Romania

24 May 2022

Lyon, France 24 May 2022 After successfully launching Euronews Bulgaria at the beginning of the month, Euronews announces today the launch of Euronews Romania, a national news channel which will start airing on 25th May, delivering national, European and international news to Romanian audiences.


Euronews Romania, a branded affiliate of the Euronews group, was born out of a partnership between the European network and Universitatea Politehnica din București, signed in January 2021. Since then, the budding Euronews Romania team has worked with experienced Euronews staff to put in place a new national news channel, fully aligned with the values of independence, impartiality, and pluralism that the leading European news channel has always championed.


The Romanian network will broadcast 24/7, with live news programs from 6am to midnight every day from the state-of-the-art studios, located in the heart of Bucharest. A team of 200 journalists and technicians will bring viewers the first digital television channel in Romania using a completely automated control room system, in close and permanent interaction with the online news platform


Aside from news bulletins, Euronews Romania will air both Euronews magazines and local productions in line with the viewers’ interests: from history to gastronomy, health, science, high tech or wellness…


The channel will bring its own editorial focus, according to the main national themes, based on Euronews’ editorial positioning and its trademark pan-European perspective, with the full support of Euronews’ global coverage force. The channel will also invite the most competent analysts and commentators from all crucial domains of the Romanian society as well as making full use of the Universitatea Politehnica din București’s wide array of experts in numerous fields.


Andra Miron Diaconescu, Euronews Romania’s Editor-in-Chief, said: “We cannot wait to bring this new TV offer to Romanian-speaking audiences. Faithful to Euronews’ core mission, all of us, here at Euronews Romania, are focused on empowering people to form their own opinion, through unbiased, factual, and fiercely independent journalism and presenting “All Views”. We are proud to be a part of the extended Euronews family and look forward to working hand-in-hand with editorial teams across Europe to bring our audiences the best possible news offer.”


In order to guarantee the new channel’s independence, Euronews has put in place various mechanisms that have proven to be efficient in the development of its branded affiliate network, including establishing an editorial board controlled by Euronews and appointing an Editor-in-Chief selected by Euronews and who is now a Euronews employee.


Andra Miron Diaconescu was appointed to this role, after a competitive selection process. A well-known TV presenter in Romania, Andra has 17 years’ experience in journalism and media management, working for established media brands such as B1 TV, National TV and Realitatea TV. She will be responsible for ensuring that the channel’s editorial charter and values are complied with on a daily basis and will report to François Chignac, Euronews’ Branded Affiliates Editorial manager, based at the media’s headquarters in Lyon, France.


Aside from Andra, other well-known and trusted journalists have joined the Euronews Romania team through a rigorous recruitment process based on the compliance with Euronews’ editorial values. The network’s young and talented digital team will also provide both extensive and original content, as well as other social media products covering the key interest points for our audience.


Bénédicte Bachs, Euronews’ interim General Manager said: “We are very impressed by the quality of the new channel, and the strong resolve of the editorial team to apply our core Euronews values to the content created. Aside from bringing audiences in Romania a strong independent news offer, Euronews Romania will be unique in the local media landscape thanks to its distinct European perspective. We have great hopes for Euronews Romania and are confident that, just as our other four branded affiliates have demonstrated, it will enrich Euronews’ global output.”


Euronews Romania will be available in the must-carry package of all major cable providers in Romania: Vodafone, Orange, RCS-RDS. Euronews will also continue to broadcast on a separate channel in English across Romania.


Since 2018, Euronews has launched five branded affiliate projects. Euronews Romania is the fifth branded affiliate channel to start airing, after Euronews Albania in 2019, Euronews Georgia in 2020 Euronews Serbia in 2021, and Euronews Bulgaria on 5th May this year.


Euronews is a leading European news media, broadcasting 24/7 news, available in 17 languages. Recognised for its reliable content, Euronews is distributed in 160 countries and 440 million homes worldwide, reaching more than 145 million people each month on both TV and digital platforms, according to the Global Web Index.

Euronews is a leading international news channel and one of the best known and most trusted news brands operating across Europe. Worldwide, Euronews is broadcast in 160 countries and distributed in almost 400 million homes – including 67% of homes in the European Union + UK. Every month, Euronews reaches over 140 million people, both on TV and digital platforms, according to the Global Web Index (2020).

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