CES 2023: Here's some of the best smart home technology on display at this year's event

This is the home technology you need to know about in 2023, according to what we've seen at CES
This is the home technology you need to know about in 2023, according to what we've seen at CES Copyright AP
By Sarah PalmerAP
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Our pick of the smart home tech from CES 2023.


Home technology - smart gadgets that make our day-to-day lives as straight forwards as possible - has been high on the agenda at this year's CES expo in Las Vegas.

Here are some of our highlights.

Gadgets to make working from home that bit easier

Wehead by Zero Distance

Tired of the same old 2D Zoom calls? Zero Distance's Wehead device helps people at a meeting feel like a remote attendee is in the room with them.

The device looks something like a machine you might find at the eye doctor, but with screens on the front. The person participating from afar looks like they're there in 3D and when they look around or nod, the machine also moves.

AP Photo
Would you like to see your colleagues in 3D?AP Photo

Acer's eKinekt BD 3 bike

Treadmill desks, step back. This bike-desk isn't only the perfect way to burn calories while you work, but it actually charges your devices at the same time. 

While your legs pump away, your devices plug in, running off the kinetic energy you're producing. It's the first of its kind to combine exercise with powering an entire workstation.

Taking care of your health at home

A 'wee' tool for your toilet

In a niche turn of events, Withings' U-scan can tell you everything you could possibly want to know - and probably more than you want to know - about your urine.

The truth of the matter is, it can tell us a lot. Insights on diet and for women, the menstrual cycle, are two of the main hooks that can be picked up by this smart device. 

One for everyone's Christmas list in 2023.

AP Photo
The gadget that can tell you everything you didn't need to know about your urineAP Photo

LG's PuriCare Aero Furniture

Finding an aesthetic air purifier is never the easiest task. But the clue's in the name with LG's latest development - it really does blend in like part of the furniture.

This purifier uses HEPA filtration, and LG's UVnano technology keeps its blades free of viruses and bacteria.

The device also has mood lighting. Because why not.

An at-home spa

If you've got the bank balance, bathroom space and also happen to be addicted to baths and/or spa days, Kohler's Stillness Bath is the product for you. Admittedly, it's probably not a home essential for anyone else.

It is very cool, though. Picture yourself after a long day at work, sliding into your very own aromatherapy sanctuary. The water fills from the bottom of the freestanding cube, running down the sides into a wooden slatted base to create a calming backing track, while a blend of essential oils diffuse into the misty air.

Battling the energy bills with smart technology

Kohler's H2Wise smart water system

As the cost of living crisis strikes, keeping on top of bills has never been so important to a lot of households. This system will alert owners to leaks, frozen pipes and changes in water pressure.

Smart homes from Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has released its new smart home energy products, with a focus on sustainability. Products that make up the ecosystem include smart electrical panels and switches that can be controlled from an app.

Keeping everyone entertained

Samsung's 8K Premiere Projector

Samsung is giving people the cinema experience at home with its groundbreaking 8K projector screen. 

The Premiere projector can process an image up 150 inches diagonally on the walls, shooting the image upwards so no more faffing with projectors at the back of the lounge akin to school assemblies in the 1990s.


Dell's Concept Nyx gaming controller

To look at, you wouldn't necessarily tout this controller as anything special. But the hotkeys have dozens of inputs, setting the tool's functionality miles ahead of its competitors.

Asus' 3D laptop

Asus is rivalling Acer with its glasses-free 3D laptop, using eye-tracking software instead of lenses. The key difference is Asus' use of an OLED screen - which claims a greater clarity in its 3D rendering over Acer's IPS.

Safety and security

Meet Enabot EBO X

Would you have your very own robot rolling around the home to keep an eye on things?

With a 4K camera, two-way audio system and ability to alert you if anything's amiss (whether that's a crying infant or someone entering a room they aren't supposed to), Alexa listening into our conversations is the least of our worries.

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