CES 2023: Some of the weird and wonderful tech innovations and gadgets unveiled so far

Aeo, a service robot from Aeolus Robotics is shown at the Aeolus booth during the CES tech show Friday
Aeo, a service robot from Aeolus Robotics is shown at the Aeolus booth during the CES tech show Friday Copyright AP Photo
By Sarah PalmerNatalie Huet & AP
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Flying cars and talking dogs: nothing is out of reach at this year’s CES in Las Vegas.


This week, Euronews Next is at CES (formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, one of the most important tech events in the calendar.

Here are some of the best innovations that have caught our attention so far.


BMW unveils updates to its car-mechameleon

BMW is back at CES this year with its latest colour-changing concept car.

Following last year’s event where the carmaker unveiled its colour-shifting iX Flow, the i Vision Dee is a medium-sized sedan, and enables its owner to either switch between - or combine - 32 different colours. It will be on the market for consumers from 2025.

AP Photo
The BMW i Vision Dee concept EV that changes color is seen during a pre-show keynote at CES 2023AP Photo

VW is going grill-to-grill with Tesla

The newest electric model from VW positions itself on the same track as Tesla’s model 3 or the Polestar 2.

Its USP is its claim that it offers one of the longest single-charge ranges in the industry, promising up to 700 km.

“When cars can fly”

Well, it’s happened - a car that can rack up air miles. Roughly the size of an SUV, the ASKA A5 is a four-seater electric vehicle that its creators say can travel by road and up to 400 km by air on a single charge.

When it enters flying mode, the vehicle's wings and six roots unfold, allowing the vehicle to take off vertically or do conventional runway takeoffs.


Dr. Robot

Aeolus Robotics’ newest metal mate has been designed to support overstretched healthcare facilities in particular.

As well as helping care for the unwell and elderly, for example by sending an alert if someone is in difficulty, the robot will also roll around healthcare centres disinfecting surfaces and delivering medicine.

Forget ASMR - all you need is this calming pillow

Japan's Yukai Engineering says its robotic pillow can help users relax by mimicking the rhythm of breathing.

The soft, fluffy pillow gently expands and contracts, vibrating as you hold it against your stomach. The idea is that you'll breathe more slowly and deeply as your breath starts to synch with the movement of the pillow.

The FRENZ Brainband by Earable Neuroscience, displayed at PEPCOM's Digital Experience! event ahead of CES 2023 in Las Vegas, USA, January 4, 2022.Euronews

The brain band

The FRENZ Brainband by Earable Neuroscience is designed to help you sleep better at night, wake you up at the best time so you don’t feel groggy, and help you focus during the day.

A foldable treadmill

If you want a treadmill but don't have much space, WalkingPad offers a solution: a lightweight treadmill that can be folded in two and stored against a wall or under a bed.

WalkingPad reaches speeds of 7.5 mph (12 km/h). It also includes a detachable phone or tablet holder and tracks your exercises in an app.


Cosmetics giant Neutrogena has partnered with UK supplement manufacturer Nourished to create tiny health jellies designed to target your personal skincare needs.

Special software assesses your specific requirements and the finished product is a bespoke supplement for you.


Samsung’s 8K TVs

South Korean electronics giant Samsung says its Neo QLED QN900C 8K TV will deliver "brilliantly intense" 8K picture quality inside a frame so thin viewers will barely notice it.


It credits its Quantum Matrix Technology Ultimate with delivering 4,000 nit brightness with 14-bit contrast.

AP Photo
An attendee at the Samsung booth during the CES tech showAP Photo

Android has joined Apple in the satellite-based texting future

Qualcomm has unveiled Snapdragon Satellite, which will effectively allow people who buy new Android phones later this year to send two-way text messages using satellites.

The feature could come in handy for those who need to communicate but don't have coverage.

Metaverse karaoke party

The metaverse, of course, is a key theme at CES this year.

One tool that’s going down especially well is the Mutalk, a voice-dampening device that the user covers their mouth with and opens a wealth of opportunities for party people who want to avoid riling their neighbours with late-night karaoke sessions.



Childcare in check

Given the number of new devices displayed at this year’s event, the future of childcare is becoming clearer.

As well as AI baby monitors that keep watch over babies and toddlers, Canadian startup Gluxkind's ‘smart stroller’ helps propel prams up hills and will even roll in front of exhausted parents without them having to do any of the legwork.

Talk to the animals

You might have seen viral TikToks of dogs using button mats to communicate with their owners.

FluentPet is the latest breakthrough on the market, with its hexagon-shaped plastic mat featuring buttons you can train your dog to use to indicate whether it’s hungry, wants to go outside or wants to play.

AP Photo
Ducky the dog demonstrates FluentPet communication buttonsAP Photo

Or simply get yourself a robot dog

For the ‘90s babies who remember Teksta, prepare to level up. Toymaker WowWee’s Dog-E has more than a million possible combinations of lights, sounds and personality traits.


Dog-E begins as a blank canvas and develops its personality as you set it up.

The developers say it’s a good option for those who can’t commit to owning a real pup, or perhaps for those with allergies.

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