Portugal's parliament investigating possible website hack on election day

The Portuguese Parliament in Lisbon, pictured in October 2021.
The Portuguese Parliament in Lisbon, pictured in October 2021. Copyright AP Photo/Armando Franca
Copyright AP Photo/Armando Franca
By The Cube
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Portugal is electing a new legislative parliament on Sunday.


Portugal's parliament is investigating claims of a possible cyberattack on their website during the country's legislative elections.

A hacking group claimed it had gained access to the Portuguese parliament website and "stolen sensitive information".

The parliament's official website was unavailable in France for a short time on Sunday evening.

A spokesperson has said they were investigating a possible cyberattack but said that "there is currently no evidence" of one.

The parliament's IT department "is running all the tools to investigate the matter," João Amaral, director of communications, told the LUSA news agency.

All the information on the Portuguese parliament's website "is public and transparent," he added.

Portuguese media have reported that a cyberattack was carried out by the Lapsu$ Group, which previously targeted the country's leading media organisations.

Earlier this month, the same group disrupted the services of Group Impresa and even sent fake news alerts to the media groups' customers.

The incident is still being investigated by Portuguese police and the National Cybersecurity Centre.

Portuguese voters are on Sunday choosing a new parliament in a snap election that is expected to produce another minority government.

Additional sources • LUSA

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