József Szájer: Hungarian MP berates former Fidesz MEP using drainpipe

József Szájer
József Szájer Copyright AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias, FILE
Copyright AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias, FILE
By Euronews
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Opposition member Zoltán Varga brandished a length of drainpipe at Fidesz during a parliamentary session on Monday, mocking former MEP József Szájer who had tried to escape from police last week when they raided a sex party in Brussels.


A Hungarian lawmaker has mocked former Fidesz MEP József Szájer by holding up a drainpipe in Parliament.

József Szájer resigned last week after he was caught by police fleeing a gay sex party in Brussels he had been attending, despite coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Szájer, the most senior figure of Hungary's governing Fidesz party in Brussels, tried to escape the authorities down the guttering of the apartment building.

The scandal generated fresh backlash against the ruling conservative Fidesz party, who have pushed through anti-LGBT policies in Hungary.

Since the scandal broke, drainpipes have become the centre of internet jokes and memes in Hungary while the guttering at the apartment in Brussels has also been decorated with a makeshift plaque to commemorate the 30-year "political career of József Szájer". 

On Monday, Zoltán Varga of the opposition Democratic Coalition brandished a drainpipe in Hungarian Parliament as he berated Fidesz.

"For ten years, government parties have been destroying and scattering the country on the grounds of Christian morality and conservative values," said Varga.

"They steal, cheat, lie, and spend the stolen money on drugs, whores, orgies, luxury yachts, and some crazy luxury."

Upon concluding his remarks, the politician held up a section of drainpipe as an illustration.

“Look in the mirror... and if you are horrified at what you see and want to escape, I’ve brought you something familiar,” Varga said.

Isten, haza, család helyett közpénz, kokain, kurvák! Ez ma a Fidesz a valóságban, ez az Önök igazi arca - így szembesítette Varga Zoltán a valósággal a fideszeseket! 🇭🇺🇪🇺

Posted by Demokratikus Koalíció on Monday, December 7, 2020

Szájer admitted to attending the party in Brussels, without commenting on its nature, and apologised to his family, colleagues and voters.

Speaking to Hungarian media, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Szajer's actions were "not compatible with the values of our political community."

Two others who attended the party in the apartment above a cafe invoked diplomatic immunity when Belgian police checked their identities.

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