Watch: Special day pasta-ively promotes Italy’s favourite food

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By Euronews  with AP
Watch: Special day pasta-ively promotes Italy’s favourite food
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Italy has cooked up a special celebration to toast its favourite food: pasta.

Today (October 25) is World Pasta Day, which champions one of Italy's best-known exports. It produces 3.3 million tonnes of it annually. 

Restaurants from around the world have been taking part in the Al Dente Festival, a week-long event that culminates with the awareness day. 

The festival and the dishes produced are organised around themes. "Ethical" focuses on vegetable dishes and sustainability, while "different" looks at how to cook with various types of pasta including spelt and kamut. "Traditional" deals exclusively with tomato sauces.

Rome's Alfredo alla Scrofa restaurant chose the "classic" theme. The eatery claims to be the birthplace of fettuccine Alfredo and for the festival it is remaining faithful to the tradition, which dates back more than 100 years.

Owner Mario Mozzetti said this is essential in order to build for the future. 

He said: "Roots are what the present and the future are made of. That is what made us famous all over the world.

"From this point, we are able to create, we can become artists, we can compose and in this way, we can also meet today's demands, such as for organic and gluten-free food. In my opinion, the future will be to carefully follow the demands of a specific diet, Mediterranean or not. We can absolutely meet [these demands] with the concept of pasta."

World Pasta Day is organised by Italy's food union and the International Pasta Organisation.

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