Camping for the climate in downtown Brussels

Camping for the climate in downtown Brussels
By Stefan Grobe
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Generations X and Z join forces to pressure the Belgian Parliament to pass a climate bill


After Belgium's youth, it's now up the the adults to make a stand on the climate:

Activists from several NGOs are camping in downtown Brussels to pressure parliament to pass a new climate bill.

They want to make it part of the constitution to protect it against changing majorities in the future.

"Global warming is a reality and we need to fight the irreversible nature of it," says Juliette Boulet from Greenpeace.

"For that we might have just a decade - very little time, maybe two legislative terms during which we might be able to reverse the trend".

Unfortunately, the political class has been reacting very slowly - but they are the ones who have the tools to reverse the course of things.

Belgium's liberal prime-minister is in favor of an "urgent" climate law, but his coalition is fragile and divided.

For the Belgian Social Democrats, the climate has to become a priority.

The political class must change its thinking, says Maria Arena, a member of the European Parliament.

"We are in a situation where climate and the fight against social inequalities go hand in hand.

We need to protect the climate against the superpower of capitalism".

The draft climate bill has been inspired and partially written by university professors - it's now in the hands of politicians.

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